• Sept 77, MISD BookFEST - Join me again this year at MISD's Annual Bookfest. It's great fun and you'll be able to get your first week at SNATCHED in person. Of course books will be available for sail and signatures. Enter for the next drawing for prizes as well!
  • Official Launch
  • July 23, Saturday (Noon - 8:00PM) - Sally Singletary's Official Launch Party! Come join us for food, fun, and learning, and win some fabulous prizes! Click the link for more info!
  • and-the-winner-is-2
  • April 27, Thursday - "And the Winner Is..." MISD is hosting an event to promote reading. Join me and students from Charlotte Anderson Elementary at the MISD Performing Arts Center as we crown the winners. I will be available for signings after the event.
  • May 19, Thursday - Presenting for students at Brockett Elementary on "What it Takes to be an Author."
  • Scribblers to Scriveners.001
  • June 7 - Presenting @ MISD Curriculum Conference - Scribblers to Scriveners: Bringing Kids to the Next Level on STAAR
  • June 20-24 - Presenting @ STEM Camp - ASA Low Intermediate (more info to come)
  • June - TENTATIVE book signing at E. Quinn Booksellers in Blue Ridge, GA - Join me where it all begins in Sally Singletary's Discovery. Come visit the inspiration behind the story in this quaint little town.
  • June - Blue Ridge, GA
  • September - MISD Bookfest


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"If I've said this before, oh well I'll repeat myself. I LOVE the artwork for this cover!"

"Check this book out! I am almost done with it, it's going to be a bestseller!"

"Started reading Sunday and can't put it down. Up to chapter 14 and the visuals in my head are wonderful. I am not even a Sci Fi lover and still find it interesting."

"YAY! Tons of excitement. Does that make me a 'fanboy'?"

"Finished the book on Saturday. What a great read. I really enjoyed it. Can't wait for the next one."


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Page Turner

This was an awesome read!! I loved how the story came from so many angles. It contained a little mystery, a little wizardry, a little sci-fi, and a dash a of romance, the perfect recipe for a great book. :)

What a Great Read!!

This book was an extremely fun and entertaining book from the very first page. The variety of elements within the book was quite thrilling. It has a bit of everything; mystery, sci-fi, magic and romance. I would highly recommend this book to all ages of readers. My daughter is now reading it and enjoying it as well. I can't wait for the next installment.

I really enjoyed it

I'm 73, and a Great Grandmother with four grand-kids and nine great-grand-kids. This isn't my usual genre, but I really enjoyed the book. It kept my attention from the first page until I finished it. I appreciated the camaraderie and loyalty portrayed by the characters, and really liked getting to know Sally. I look forward to the next book.


From start to finish this read will tease your curiosity and fulfill your need for adventure! I look forward to many more Sally installments.

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