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J.M.Cataffo writes Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction and is a current member of the DFW Writer’s WorkshopHe has worked in education for over 16 years and his favorite part of his job is teaching writing. He taught in Special Education in multiple roles and piloted a Co-Teach approach at his home school. His district of Mansfield ISD has now embraced co-teaching as a model. J.M.Cataffo also co-moderates a Twitter chat for other teachers who are teaching or are interested in co-teaching. You can find him on Twitter under the hashtag #coteachat. Though Mr. Cataffo has moved on to teach 4th grade, he still works with Special Education students in a co-teach setting, only now he’s on the other side of the fence.

In Special Education it’s sometimes difficult to get a child who has a great deal of difficulty with writing to compose a story and he prides himself in building the confidence and skills necessary for students to succeed. Recent advances in technology, along with some good old fashioned tried and true methods, have given these students a chance to express themselves in a way they never could before. It’s exciting to see kids who no one thought could ever compose a story, write something that is beautiful and insightful.

His challenge to you: Never underestimate a person’s potential to do things you never thought they could.


“In life you must choose between what is easy and what is right.”

– Albus Dumbledore, The Best Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has ever known