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“The District’s (#MansfieldISD) concern is that Ms. Bailey insists that it is her right and that it is age appropriate for her to have ongoing discussions with elementary-aged students about her own #sexualorientation, the sexual orientation of artists, and their relationships with other gay artists.”

“It is the responsibility of Mansfield ISD to protect the learning environment of our students. We also believe it is paramount to partner with our #parents in the #education of their children. Therefore, parents have the right to control the conversation with their children, especially as it relates to religion, politics, sex/sexual orientation, etc.” Mansfield ISD takes parental rights seriously.”

Gay marriage is legal. Period. Whether you like it or not.

Even if it weren’t, you have trodden on her rights as an individual and failed to handle this in a civilized manner. Instead, you chose to put personal religious beliefs of barely a handful over the education of children.

You have violated her #FirstAmendment rights as well as your own #curriculum guidelines. The #TEKS say cultural awareness is essential and yet discrimination is all you’ve taught. They also state 4th grade students should have an understanding behind artist motivations, but apparently we can only show artists who are #straight.

This is not art appreciation.

You didn’t partner with parents. You basically told her and all of her friends she couldn’t have contact with any of them while not even informing her what it was about and not allowing her a proper defense. Had you ACTUALLY partnered with parents, a solution could have been reached to accommodate the child rather than punishing her and the whole school.

You claim you are protecting students, however you are causing more harm than you realize. See, there are gay kids too who need role models. You’ve stolen that away. You’ve just taught an entire #district, it’s okay to discriminate against people we don’t agree with.

Does that teach kids to be better citizens? That our Constitution is meaningless? All the freedoms we’ve fought for and you are hell-bent on taking hers?

There are words I could use here to describe Mansfield’s response, but I will simply say, FALSE.

You only take parents seriously when they make you look bad.

#Education #StandWithStacy

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