Getting Started

Ok, so I’ve never really done a true blog before so bare with me.  It will be a long time before this is ready for prime time, but if you’re willing to give it a shot, I’ll try my best to make it worth your time.  I’m new the the whole business of writing.  I started writing a novel years ago.  The original manuscript was actually a short story that has grown into a series.  I went to the DFW Writer’s Conference for the first time this past weekend and learned a lot.  I was fortunate enough to get a pitching session with my first choice agent Amy Boggs with the Donald Maass Literary Agency. I can’t help but be excited at the prospect of getting picked up by such a wonderful agent. I had researched her before and had already decided to query her before finding out she was attending the conference. I can only hope that she likes my manuscript. All in all, the conference was a blast!  I learned so much and realized how much more I need to learn (especially about blogs).

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