Interview with Kirstin Pullioff: Author of Escape of Princess Madeline

When did you know you wanted to become a writer?

I think a part of me has always known that I wanted to be a writer.  Growing up, in elementary school I used to listen to plays or watch movies and then re-write them from my perspective into little notebooks.  I began to write my first story in 7th grade, then again throughout high school and college.  Writing has always been my form of creative expression.  Some people draw, some cook, and I write.

As a stay at home mom, I am constantly teaching my kids to follow their dreams, that no one can limit them on what they can do.  Then one day, I told myself the same thing- it was time to live my dreams and really focus on what I wanted for my career.

What inspired you to write The Escape of Princess Madeline?

The Escape of Princess Madeline began as an escape for me.  I actually wrote this book several years ago, while working in an office.  That position didn’t fulfill my creative needs, so on my lunch breaks, I began writing.  One day, over my tomato and cucumber salad, as I was doodling in my notebook, a light bulb went off in my head.  Suddenly, this story began unfolding in my mind … every day during lunch, I picked up where I had left off, and a month and a half later, the first draft was finished.

Who was your favorite character to write about and why?

I LOVED creating Princess Madeline.  To me, she combined so many struggles that women face growing up and became a protagonist that was easily relatable to as a positive example.  It was important to balance the hard and soft qualities of her – her rashness with intelligence, her stubbornness with strength, and her defiance with vulnerability.

What was the most difficult thing about writing The Escape of Princess Madeline?

The most difficult part of writing the book was deciding what I wanted to do with it.  It was one thing to write this book for myself, but it was an entirely different thing getting myself ready to send it out.  Sending your book out for editing, for reviews, for publication really subjects yourself to a new level of scrutiny, rejection, and insecurity.  It’s putting a piece of yourself out there, and waiting to see if it gets stomped on or picked up.  While I loved my book, there was no guarantee that others would, or that my vision would translate to another person as complete as it did for me.  It was a new level of vulnerability that I needed to get used to.

Do you write every day, or only certain days a week?

I try to write every day.  My primary job is being a stay at home mom to my kids, and that takes 100% of my focus during the day.  In the evenings after the kid’s bedtime, I am lucky if I am able to write for a couple of hours.  My primary writing time is on the weekend, when I can leave for a few hours and write while my husband watches the kids.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

My only advice is to always stay true to yourself and never give up.  The only person who can live your dreams is you, so don’t give up.

Are you working on something right now? If so, can you tell us more about it?

I am currently working on the sequel, “The Battle for Princess Madeline.”  Now that Princess Madeline has found her future, how far will she go to protect it- a true battle between good and evil.

Where can fans find you?

I love to connect with my readers, please feel free to contact me at:

on facebook:

and twitter:

“I know this is categorized as middle grade fantasy, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Escape of Princess Madeline as an adult! ”

“The way this author uses language to describe exactly what is going on is amazing.”

“We don’t know exactly how, and that pulls you into the story, leading you to believe this is going to be more than one book right there. ”

You can purchase The Escape of Princess Madeline at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and Caliburn Books


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