Lament of an American Teacher

Lament of an American Teacher

When I began #teaching 20 years ago, I made a promise to myself. If #education ever got to the point where so much was placed upon us that I could no longer do my job, it was time to move on. I can no longer stand back and watch kids get hurt by #adultproblems.

Each and every day began to feel like a #fight to get what students need. Excuses were made, if problems were acknowledged at all. Students who needed major help, were denied services because he hadn’t physically hurt anyone. Unless your a teacher, you can’t possibly understand the feeling of sitting in an emergency drill realizing you’re no longer a teacher.

Suddenly, everything was our #fault. No matter what the circumstances, we as teachers were expected to fix it. Even some #parents have turned on us. Nothing is safe. Our personal lives are under scrutiny, our jobs are filled with unnecessary #paperwork and #redundancy that I’d spend every waking moment at times trying to keep up.

In the mean time, my #health began to deteriorate rapidly to the point where I was forced to face the truth. My worst #fear had been realized.

I had become a glorified #babysitter, #bodyguard, #protector of information so sensitive, even thinking about it could get you fired. The best part? Days schools transformed into #prisons for #StatewideTesting of information about students every teacher already knows. But laws require #SchoolDistricts to be on the defensive, and most are choosing appearance over students.

Our #teachers are in trouble. Our #schools are in trouble. Our #children count on us to educate and protect them.

We have #failed.

It’s time for #change. Time for we as a #society to take what we’ve learned and use it to do something other than #complain on #Facebook.

If you’re tired of all the madness and confusion, let’s begin a #movement, a statement reflecting true American values: #Honesty, #Integrity, #Humility, #Forgiveness, #Togetherness.

Someone once said, “One person can’t change the world.

My response:

It only takes a single #spark to light a #fire.

#KidsMatter #SchoolsMatter #PublicEducationMatters #TeachersMatter #EveryoneMatters

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