That was the subject of discussion today at work. Actually, the discussion was about words that annoy which naturally led to panties. Personally, I don’t have a problem with panties (except when they ride up in the back).
Words are such interesting things to have such power over people that they can evoke such strong feelings independently from their true meaning. A word that sends chills up the spine of a coworker is the word moist. Don’t ask me why, she couldn’t explain it either but it apparently evokes such strong emotions for her it makes her want to puke. I don’t get it. Who doesn’t like moist cake?
Now if you take the two words I’ve touched on in this post and put them together I can certainly see where one might cringe. And if we can get back to panties for a moment, I just have to clarify that I have never actually worn a pair.
The word that bothers me the most is not actually a word at all, it’s a name. Sorry True Blood fans, but just the mere mention of the name Sookie makes me want to run, screaming from the room. Don’t know why.
So, while your contemplating your choice in panties and eating moist cake with your best friend Sookie, take a moment to share your most hated word.
Never underestimate the power that words hold.


2 comments on “PANTIES!!!
  1. Moist is a really gross word. It evokes an image of a damp, hefty man with a sweat dotted upper lip & a pathetic excuse for a mustache, pursing his lips together to say “moist”. PUKETASTIC.

    But moist cake brings about hunger pangs & a taste of cream cheese icing. It's all about context.

  2. I'mnotfunny says:

    Is there a worse word than “discharge”?