The REAL Sally Singletary

Back when the concept of Sally Singletary was in its infancy, we were struggling to come up with a name for her character who originates in the TEARS OF DESTINY series. Sally was and is originally a character in that book who served only as one of Daniel’s friend. At the time, I was stuck with the book after having rewritten and reworked several times.

I needed to move on.

A BETA reader really liked Sally’s character and suggested doing more with her in the book. That was when the idea hit me, what about a whole new book about her? I took the idea and ran with it, figuring it was time to step away from my first book and move on for a while.

When we came up with the name Sally Singletary, I did a quick web search and found only one person who matched the name so I figured it was unique enough not to get terribly confused with other titles or important people (not to imply that the REAL Sally isn’t important, but she was still in school at the time  I wrote SALLY SINGLETARY’s CURIOSITY). I completed the manuscript over the course of three months and after editing and such it was released in December 2012.

The following year I received an email requesting a signed copy of the book for a gentleman’s daughter to give to her for her graduation. It turned out his name was Paige Singletary and his aughter was Sally. I was delighted to send him copies and sign. When she graduated from the University of Georgia in Atlanta, the coincidences deepened, since the setting for CURIOSITY is Atlanta.

The best part was when Sally sent a #selfie back with the book! So to start our event right, here’s the REAL Sally Singletary with SALLY SINGLETARY’S CURIOSITY!


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