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The Truth About Harry Potter

It’s 3 in the morning and I have no idea why I’m writing this except to give my honest and professional opinion of the last Harry Potter movie ever. I will have to say that I was disappointed in many regards and probably not for the reasons that most people think. I think the movie was too much like the book. Now I know this will not be a popular opinion, but hey, I was never one for popularity contests. Here’s the deal. Having written novels, I’ve learned one thing. You don’t write with a movie in mind.

Several of you just did a double take so severe I heard your necks pop from here. Screen writing and novel writing are two different beasts. Imagine if you tried to teach someone to swim. If you were writing a manual to teach someone to swim that lived in, let’s say, Alaska, where they wouldn’t have ready access to water. Your manual would like quite different from one written for someone that lived in Florida.

The same goes for movies. Timing in novel writing is so drastically different. When you write, time is at your whim, you can control the flow of time, allowing it to move faster at will and slowing it down for those critical moments. While “bullet time” and other special effects allow movies to alter the state of motion of time, it does nothing to control the audience’s perceptions and feelings other than to illustrate something that a normal speeds would happen too fast for the human eye.

When it comes to Harry Potter’s final movie, I felt like they tried to appease fans by staying true to the book. While this is admiral for those of us, including me, to stick with the book’s storyline, it’s not necessary to stick with the book’s pace. I feel like opportunities were list that could have brought the movie to the next level. Now, before those of you that have read this far click on the comment box, I’m not done.

All-in-all, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was a phenomenal movie. Could it have been better? Sure. Overall I did not leave unsatisfied, just realizing how much of an affect fans like me have on movie-making decisions. I was one of the biggest advocates for the movies being terrible because they didn’t follow the book’s stories. I then realized how difficult and impractical a task that would be.

Movie making is a hard business, but in the long run, I think that they’ve done justice to J.K. Rowling’s vision. I certainly cried through the second half of the movie. Regardless of what you think and feel about the final installment, it isn’t going to affect the billions of dollars it will bring in this weekend. Until next time, keep your patronuses inside the vehicle at all times and always remember that the platform is moving at the same speed as your vehicle.

Have a great evening and a fabulous weekend!

ADDITION: One thing I would like to add about the movie was to comment about 3D. The last part of the movie was shown in 3D as part of the triple feature we went to and I felt like it added nothing to the movie to see it in 3D, in fact, I think I would have preferred seeing it in 2D for the first time seeing it. 3D is uncomfortable to watch, for me. It distorts the movie at times and is visually straining on my eyes. I think I would have been happier if I had just seen it in 2D.

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Harry Potter

It’s 4:47pm and I’m sitting in line at the theater waiting for Harry Potter. As if I weren’t crazy enough for wanting to see the premier tonight, I got roped in to seeing a triple feature of the first movie along with both parts of Deathly Hallows. I will be in this theater for nearly 12 hours. Sounds fun, huh? Well, it is Harry Potter. I’m sure the Internet will already be a buzz with Potter news and people all a “twitter” over the movie. (I’ve already heard from friends who have already seen it in early premiers). Of course I had to add to all of this buzz by posting my own humble post. If you are venturing out tonight to see the premier, be prepared for long waits and lots of robes, wands, and happy fans. If you’re waiting for the weekend, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it just the same. As we close the final chapter of the Harry Potter series, we are comforted in the knowledge the books and movies will live in for a long, long time.

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OMG, Can’t wait!!!

Did not disappoint!
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A Story is Only as Good as its Characters

As we come to the end of a legacy, I find myself thinking about what makes Harry Potter what it is today. Most people assume that it’s because J.K. Rowling is such a gifted writer, but I think the truth lies in the details. What J.K. Rowling accomplished she did through imagination, planning, but most importantly she did it through characters. Harry Potter isn’t about a story. Like most good books, it’s about the journey. The reasons Harry Potter drew us in so completely was because we watched as a group of lovable characters grew together to solve imaginative, yet problems we could relate to in some way. As may of you venture to the theaters this weekend to enjoy the final chapter of this incredible tale, think about what draws you in to the story and remember who you cheer for in the end. 🙂

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Best approximation that I can come up with based on the drink served at Universal Studios, Florida

Cream Soda Base with a shot of Vanilla Vodka and a Shot of Buttershots.
Mix Whipped cream with 1/2 shot of vanilla vodka and buttershots to form the head. Mix in some butterscotch syrup into the whipped mix and top off the cream soda. It’s yummy!

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Nearing the End

So we’re down to the wire on Harry Potter, only a few days left! I’m both saddened and excited for the final visual chapter of the wizard boy’s story. It’s been so much fun having a tale that has been with you for so long. I started reading the books when I first started teaching to have something to talk in class. I never expected to become such a fan. I never expect to be the next J.K. Rowling, but I hope I can tell a story at least half as good as she. As we come to the end of Harry’s story, we can take comfort in knowing these books will live on for years to come! Thanks J.K. for so many wonderful memories!
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