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Orlando in My Thoughts…

As a former resident of Orlando for seven years, so to say it was once a home to me is an understatement. I met the most amazing people in my life there that helped me in ways I could never repay. It was a place of friendship and launched my career as a teacher. Hearing this news saddened me.


It is in times such as these that we remember the strength we have in those around us, the bonds we’ve built, and the trust we place in each other and our society. Events such as what happened in ‪#‎Orlando‬ are tragic, but are meant to divide us through fear and intimidation. It’s called terrorism for a reason. We can either let it turn us against our neighbor, divide us until we tear ourselves apart, break us until we are afraid to leave our homes. These acts give extremists the victory they seek. They are exactly the response they desire. We can either give in to our fears or we can unite together and use our collective humanity to stand against those who seek to destroy all we’ve built. In memory of all those poor souls and their family. Give your support in any way you can. It’s still as relevant today as ever:


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