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Sally Singletary Status

We’re working on a cover. Manuscript is with the editor. Can we make it for a Holiday release? I’m crossing my fingers!

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Concept Cover Art

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UPDATE: Sally Singletary: Investigations

UPDATE: Just finished 20,000 words of the first book of Sally Singletary!!! Got stuck today, but I think I broke through the block. I’m really focusing on my writings style with this book and my use of dialoge and thoughts with the characters. I read a book recently that I found to be quite confusing in the way the authoer delivered the dialoge and thoughts. I found it difficult to remember who was talking and thinking. I’m not exactly sure why this was the case because I was impressed with the way the author wrote with very few dialogue tags (something I’ve been focusing on myself), but I wonder if he went too far to avoid them. What are your thoughts on dialogue tags? I know most editors don’t like to see them too often, but I find them necessary from time to time. Anyway, if you have thoughts on the subject, pleas share!

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Sally Singletary: Investigations

Ok, so I’ve started writing the first book of the third Elements of Eaa series. I know, I’ve lost my mind! I was just going to jot down some ideas and it turned into 30 pages! Interesting so far. It’s meant to be a bit more mature than the main series and have the feel of a mystery so it will be a bit of a change for me writing wise but I’m having fun with it so far! Writer’s Conference is in May, so a bit nervous about that. Other than that just been swamped with work. Being a teacher and a writer is hard work!

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New Year’s Update!

Just thought I’d share some news given that it’s New Year’s and all. I’ve been a bit remiss in blog posts lately because I’ve been knee deep in writing. Here’s where things stand as of now:

Elements of Eaa Series

Book One – Tears of Destiny – COMPLETE – 84,367 words

I’ve got the first book with an editor to clean up a lot of inconsistencies from the copious amounts of revisions over the past few years. (It really helps now that there’s an overall story arc.)

Book Two – Trees of Shakara – COMPLETE – 84,262 words

I’ve finished the second book and I have to say I’m quite pleased with the results. At first, when I completed this book I wasn’t satisfied with it. But after going back and rereading it, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I actually enjoyed it.

Book Three – Ghosts of Shaldramoor – IN PROGRESS – currently 27,740 words 

I’m more than a third of the way finished with this book. I’m so excited!!! I think this one will be my favorite. I expect to be finished with this book by summer.

Sally Singletary

This project is in development, I’ve already plotted out the basic outline of the series. I’m excited to bring this line on board to complement the Eaa series. Sally Singletary will be an integral part on illuminating the events that take place on Earth in Billy’s absence. The series will have an X-Files, Fringe kind of feel with a bit of Nancy Drew thrown in. It will be a bit more on the darker side of things, the characters, the story, and the content. Definitely not for kids.

Children of Eaa Series

Book One – UNTITLED – COMPLETE – 22, 621 words

I think this series will be my pride and joy. I’m very excited to announce that Book One of the Children of Eaa (working title) is now complete!!! (Now you know what’s been keeping me so busy.) I will give you more details on this book soon. The basic premise is that a group of kids with disabilities at a Middle School discover unique abilities. Because of the nature of their disabilities and the events that take place, the abilities are a complete secret. They must work together to maintain their friendships and help to uncover the truth of their gifts as well as save a few lives along the way. This will be a middle grade series, but is also tied into the overall plot of the Elements of Eaa series. While this one will stand alone much more than Sally Singletary, it will tie into events that take place in both the previous two series.
No word yet on publication dates  for any of the books. I will be attending a Writer’s Conference in May where I hope to pitch the books to agents. I’m hoping after the first book is professionally edited that it will garner more interest. Thanks so much for all of the support and I will keep you posted. 2012 is the year I hope to see this book make it to print!!! Wish me luck!!!

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Book One: Tears of Destiny has been sent to a professional editor. I decided that it needed some work before continuing my search for an agent. I got a lot of good feedback from beta readers and the agents I’ve submitted to so far, but the manuscript needs some work. I’ve made so many edits to it over the years it’s difficult for me to edit it like in needs. I’ve decided to invest in editing on my own for now. I think it will have a much greater chance of getting picked up if it’s polished. Thanks for all the support!

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