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Perhaps if They Would Have Just Cut the Cheese!

Transformers 3

This review will have no impact on the millions of dollars Michael Bay will make on Transformers 3, but it should. Watching this movie was like eating a multi-layered club sandwich with extra cheese. There were parts that were good, the visual effects were great, but nothing could mask the Gouda inside. 

There were a couple of funny one-liners but for the most part the humor was dull. It’s only saving grace came in the form of an actual plot, which if it had been released from it’s cheesy casing, could have come out like a fine piece of filet, but instead became a cheese-filled ball park frank, enjoyable at the time but trust me, you’ll feel the indigestion as soon as the credits roll. 

Don’t get me wrong though, the movie gave you enough for it to be an exciting visual feast, but after all of Optimus’s speeches about honor and being true to one’s self, in the end you wonder how much of that spirit remains. All in all, I’m sure the movie will be a hit with the masses, but personally my hopes were dashed for the redemption of a childhood love. 
Good thing Harry Potter is coming out soon or I may have to boycott movies for the rest of the summer! 

P.S. Was I the only one to notice that Rosie Huntington-Whitely spent the entire thing in heels? Seriously???
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