Elements of Eaa: Tears of Destiny


ELEMENTS OF EAA: Tears of Destiny (BOOK 1)


GENRE: Young Adult Fantasy/Science Fiction

AGES: 12 & up


Sixteen year-old Billy Martin is not crazy. Regardless of what everyone says, his twin sister is real and not a figment of his imagination. Sarah was taken from him when their parents were killed in a tragic car accident, and Billy is determined to prove his sanity. He is left with only a few vague clues: a mysterious pendant, a pair of hands, and a cloaked figure in the rain. When the strange jewel whisks Billy away to another world, he must piece together the clues to his sister’s whereabouts and uncover a plot that threatens to unravel the fabric of reality itself. Billy must face an impossible choice between saving his sister, or saving billions of innocent creatures. Can he stop events set in motion eons ago? His only hope: Master the pendant and control the Elements of Eaa.

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