The Trouble with Tribbles

The trouble with Tribbles is they require constant care and upkeep. Left unchecked , they can multiply exponentially, causing havoc and confusion. They will eat and eat until they gorge themselves to death leaving nothing for the rest of the “herd”. They will turn on each other by nature to survive, not matter the cost.

It isn’t like we didn’t know they were there, but they were so cute and harmless at the time we were distracted from their voracious nature.

They’re not good or bad, but if mishandled can cause destruction on a massive scale. No matter how appealing they might be, sometimes we must look past what we see and understand the true nature of things.

We aren’t Tribbles. We have the ability and a responsibility to shape our world for our children. Some people are so busy worried about the next world, they’ve forgotten about the one they’ve already been given.

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