Time Travel

Driving to work in the mornings I always see the electronic signs that announce “Travel Time to…” My fogged brain insists on reading them as “Time Travel to…” Which got me thinking about Time Travel in novels.  At the DFW Writer’s Convention they mentioned that Time Travel was out as far as accepting manuscripts and I wondered why that is. I suppose it’s overdone and difficult to execute successfully but I would love to read a really good Time Travel story. What are your thoughts on Time Travel novels?

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4 comments on “Time Travel
  1. Heyyyy wingman 🙂

    Either Elana Roth/Jessica Sinsheimer/Louise Fury (though I want to say it was Elana) said they were waiting for a really great Time Travel story to land on their desk. The want is there – but unfulfilled.

    I think most people use Time Travel as a device instead of a concept or plot line – leaving the entire thing fall flat. Like the portal shenanigans, except… time travel.

    They also did say in the YA Panel: “there is always a market for awesome.”

    Guess no one has made an awesome one yet.

  2. One of the concepts in my book will involve time travel, but in a very different way than what's been used before. It's not a major theme, but it is important to the overall plot of the series. It's a long way off before I even introduce it so we'll see. Thanks for the comment, you're my first one!

  3. Was I really? I feel honored now 🙂

    I think it's a really neat concept – so much can be done with it. Now you, sir, need to hurry & write it so I may read.

  4. I'm working on it! I'm on the final polish of the first book. After the conference I realized there were a few things I needed to change and tighten up. What I was most happy with was that, being this is my first time out of the gate, I had already done many things they talked about that made a good novel. It was vey encouraging. It also helped me to see the areas I need to improve. I will never dream of reaching the heights of J.K. Rawling but just to see my book in print will be an accomplishment for me.