J.training_and_certification_innM.Cataffo offers a variety of skills when it comes to presentations for others. Here are several of the topics he has presented of spoken about at various venues. If you have an interested in any of these, please use the contact form below.


  • Scribblers to Scriveners: Taking Writing to the Next Level
  • Engagement in the classroom
  • Using Effective Technology in the Classroom


  • What it Takes to Be in This Business
  • You’ve Written a Book? What Now?
  • The Ins and Outs of Different Publishing Models
  • Authentic Dialogue
  • Character Building
  • Character Driven Fiction
  • Planning vs. Plotting


  • Getting Started
  • The Basics of Good Fiction
  • What You’re Getting Yourself Into
  • Video Game Writing (Non-linear story telling)


  • Writing Programs
  • How to Evaluate Good Writing
  • How to Evaluate Effective Teaching of Writing


  • Guidance for Parents on Children’s use of technology
  • Advocacy for Parents of Children with Disabilities (How to use technology to help your child.)


  • Marketing
  • Where to Go?
  • Should I Query?
  • How important is an Agent?