Okay so here’s an update (Sorry it’s been so long):

TEARS OF DESTINY did not make it past the second round of Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award, though I’m honored it made it as far as it did. It is now the second book to have made it to the second round. SALLY SINGLETARY’S CURIOSITY made it to the second round last year. I’m moving forward with publishing TEARS OF DESTINY through Amazon, but am awaiting cover art so things have been a little delayed in that area. Early Beta Readers have had good things to say about the book and I’m excited for it to finally be in the hands of readers. I will announce cover reveal and other important dates as soon as I have them.

SALLY SINGLETARY’S DISCOVERY is still in the works. I’ve had to put the project on hold to keep up with my day job (4th graders are a LOT of work!). I intend to resume the project this summer and hopefully have it completed by August.

ROBYN’S SONG is on hold pending a rewrite. I’ve taken some advice regarding the story and will be revisiting the organization of the plot, possibly moving the series closer to Middle Grade with shorter books. I think this will make the story more palatable for younger readers (the intended audience for this series).

CONFESSIONS OF A YOUNG GODDESS is a ways from seeing the light of day, but I’m excited about this for several reasons. I think it will be a fun read and will shed light on the mysterious Akaadians, giving a backstory for Tiamaat and what led to the fight with Maarduk.

TREES OF SHAKARA is the second book in the ELEMENTS OF EAA series, the followup to TEARS OF DESTINY. The book is written and going through first stages of editing now. I’m hoping for a quick release of this after TEARS OF DESTINY, so you may be hearing a lot about these books fairly soon (I hope!).

LOTS of exciting things on the horizon! Thanks for being so patient. I know many of you are eagerly awaiting sequels. I’ve had to use my time this year exploring options and concentrating on my primary source of income. Good things are coming, however! Just hang tight!