UPDATE: Sally Singletary: Investigations

UPDATE: Just finished 20,000 words of the first book of Sally Singletary!!! Got stuck today, but I think I broke through the block. I’m really focusing on my writings style with this book and my use of dialoge and thoughts with the characters. I read a book recently that I found to be quite confusing in the way the authoer delivered the dialoge and thoughts. I found it difficult to remember who was talking and thinking. I’m not exactly sure why this was the case because I was impressed with the way the author wrote with very few dialogue tags (something I’ve been focusing on myself), but I wonder if he went too far to avoid them. What are your thoughts on dialogue tags? I know most editors don’t like to see them too often, but I find them necessary from time to time. Anyway, if you have thoughts on the subject, pleas share!

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