Okay, so I haven’t updated in a while. Sorry! Here’s the scoop:TEARS OF DESTINY is still being reviewed by a publisher. I’m supposed to have an answer soon. Keep your fingers crossed! If it doesn’t get picked up by this publisher, I will move forward with releasing it in the next couple months. If it does get picked up, there’s no telling on how soon it will be released.

SALLY SINGLETARY’S DISCOVERY is sitting at 40,000 words. I’m nearly finished the first draft. It’s been a rough ride through this one. Lot’s of great stuff in here, but have gotten stuck a few times with the story. I think I’ve ironed everything out so it’s starting to fall into place.

ROBYN’S SONG has been on hold a while, but as soon as I finish DISCOVERY I plan to finish polishing it up and sending out some queries again. Who knows, if TOD gets picked up, maybe ROBYN’S SONG will as well! 

Thanks for the continued love and support. Be looking for some exciting stuff in 2014!!