Why We Write

Writers, Authors, Bloggers, or other writing professionals are often asked why they write. Everyone has a different reason for writing, if it’s just to share information, or just a love for the craft. I’ve often thought about why I write and I’ve never come up with a reason other than I love to do it. I’ve always wanted to create a story that would engage people and allow them to interact and connect in ways that only books can. The biggest hurdle we face as writers is getting published. I’m learning the ropes of publishing, getting agents, writing queries, and submitting projects and let me tell ya, writers certainly don’t do it because it’s a quick buck. I’ve only scratched the surface of the publishing game and it’s already become a full-time job. What’s sad, to me, is there are plenty of really good writers out there who jump into this with really good products, and for whatever reason or another, their stuff never makes it out there. Here’s hoping that my work has a fighting chance. No matter what your hopes and dreams are, no matter how impossible they may seem, the only good things that get done are the ones you never give up on.