Writing on the iPad

You know, some people are so adamant about how awful the iPad is for writing novels. I sincerely beg to differ! The iPad has changed how I write novels. I’m not longer bound to a desk or table on a large computer that I can’t move. Or even chained to a laptop because , seriously, as portable as they are, there is still much to be desired on being able to crack one open on a whim and bang out a paragraph or two. Of course there are those that cry out, “Buy a MacBook Air already!” Well for those rich snobs that can afford one, more power to ya! There’s only one accessory I need for my iPad to make it the perfect writing tool, a wireless keyboard. While I have become pretty proficient at typing on the on-screen keyboard, I find that it is a bit cumbersome for long jaunts. The thing that makes the iPad so useful as a writing tool is that it’s portable enough that I can keep it with me no matter where I am. I find myself jotting down ideas, writing paragraphs, editing sections that I’ve had an epiphany about. Best things is, I don’t have to remember the change until I get home. I can whip out the iPad and make the change without missing a beat! I’ve written both of my books on the iPad and I don’t plan to change. It’s the best tool yet for my writing. I’ll talk more about the apps I use soon, but if you use an iPad to write, share your successes and struggles!

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